What is AdBlue ?

  • AdBlue is the trade name for Aqueous Urea Solution 32,5% (AUS32).
  • AdBlue is a clear, non-toxic liquid. It is harmless in handling and does not damage the environment. 
  • AdBlue is used in cars running with diesel engine, where in catalyst SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) is implemented.
  • AdBlue is based on Urea ( highly pure for automotive needs, so called Automotive Urea), the same Urea which is used for the fertilizers in agriculture world.
  • AdBlue is sensitive to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Its recommended storage temperature is from -11°C to 30°C. It starts freezing, if its temperature falls below -11°C.
  • Yet, AdBlue is not harmed by the freezing process and once thawed retains its liquid state and quality. In areas where the temperature is frequently > 30°C, it is necessary to ensure that the solution is not stored in direct sunlight


 AdBlue nowadays is used in:

  • most of the trucks/vans produced in the World ( due to diesel engines),
  • most of the diesel passengers cars with big diesel engines ( Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz)
  • in big new ships
  • in trains
  • in energy producing heating plants
  •   soon in airplanes

What is AdBlue/SCR technology?

SCR technology is implemented to reduce harmful gases in diesel engines and meet the EURO4, EURO5, EURO6 and further EURO7 standards of emissions. These standards are required in many countries all over the World: whole Europe, USA, Africa, Australia, Singapore, Israel and many others.

When car/truck/van/or any other engine have implemented SCR technology, then the use of AdBlue is obligatory from legal point of view.

 AdBlue in the catalyst is spread over the harmful gases (NOx – nitrogen oxide) and by chemical reaction transforms the harmful gas into harmless nitrogen and vapour – the components of atmosphere. 

Why to go for SMART AdBlue UNIT?

 Our main products are above-ground AdBlue/DEF/Arla32 storing and dispensing Units. They are used by the privet fleet owners, petrol stations and car dealers.

In last 11 years we build thousands of such Units and they are standing all over the World, operating perfectly for many years.

We offer them in sizes of 1500 ltr, 3000 ltr, 4000 ltr and 6000 ltr with various equipment versions (Basic, Premium, Petrol Station, Storage).

 Our AdBlue Units offer an unbeatable combination of technical, safety and performance features. 

 They have VERY convenient size in the base - that characteristic makes them special!

 1150mm- it’s an ideal fit for the Petrol Station island and for the countries where the islands are 900mm width, we have lately developed our new AdBlue Unit -  TULIP with capacity of 1500 ltr.


 Our AdBlue Units by double skin tanks protects AdBlue from high temperatures. The tanks are “working” like fridge effect, what saves the liquid from going over 30°C and change the chemical composition.


 Since AdBlue is highly corrosive and easily damaged, in handling, storage and transportation, it requires the compliance of the very strict norms ISO 22241-1/-2/-3/-4 standards.  

 The materials which have contact with AdBlue must be dedicated for AdBlue contact.

 We use in our products only MATERIALS recommended for AdBlue and specified in the ISO 22241 standards. By that we ensure proper storage and handling of AdBlue to all our Customers.


Besides, to maximize its effective shelf life and prevent the liquid from freezing or decreasing the volume, we equip our AdBlue Units with heating or cooling systems. 


Basic Construction of AdBlue Units:

 The standard equipment of all AdBlue Units is the same. They are designed for safe and easy operation and maintenance.

 Thanks to moveable roof application, they do not need a complex maintenance and service.

 Fully bounded and equipped with overfill protection system (except TULIP), AdBlue Smart devices prevent the liquid to get out of the system’s housing.

 Heating or cooling systems make sure AdBlue is stored in the appropriate temperature. And for countries with extreme weather conditions we can offer even thermal isolation.

 All our AdBlue Units are handy designed for fork lift operation. 

 Our AdBlue Smart Tanks come with an integrated or a separately standing dispenser.

 Apart from Storage version, they all have a flow meter with a litres display. They are fitted with a hose reel and a 4,5 m hose or a loose 6 m hose.

 They can also be equipped with a Telemetry for AdBlue level measuring or
Fleet Management system for controlling the usage of AdBlue by Your Fleet.


Our Dispensing Post/ Tankpole can function as the Fleet Management system itself, as we can integrate into it our own IQ management system.


Our AdBlue Storage Units are designed to answer the needs of various clients, as depending on the version they are intended, either for retail or fleet use.