SMART Comfort


CAPACITIES: 3000, 4000, 6000 ltr


’’SMART Comfort’’ is CONVENIENT in SIZE, COST-EFFECTIVE, USER and MAINTENANCE FRIENDLY system for dispensing and storing AdBlue/DEF/Arla32.


All SMART Comfort Units can be with 1 or 2 nozzles:

a) for trucks
b) for passenger cars


Nozzles can be located:

a) on the front of the system (narrow side)
b) on the sides of of the system (left or right or both sides)


• plug & play solution
• small footprint - 115 cm width only!
• fully built with materials dedicated for contact with AdBlue – ISO 22241
• double skin tank: HDPE-inner tank, fiberglass-outer tank
• stainless steel piping 
• openings for forklift
• opening  roof for maintenance
• submersible pump with the flow-rate of 37 ltr/min + dry run protection ( stops pump)
• pull out 4mt hose (heated hose – if the climate conditions require so)
• stainless steel nozzle with automatic shut off
• automatic nozzle holder
• audible and visual overfill protection system
• cooling and heating system - depends on climate conditions
• flow meter with LCD - accuracy 1 %
• simple connection to fleet management system



• telemetry (AdBlue level monitoring & fleet management system)
• audible and visual leakage alarm
• on/off pump key switch
• heated hose
• Your branding – we can prepare visualisation