Battery systems


Electromobility is another step towards modernity that would not be possible without the reliable batteries manufactured by Storage Partners Energy — we offer batteries for a variety of vehicles, energy storage or other electrical devices.




Wire-Bonding technology


Highest quality for safety use


Production of certified batteries


Smart BMS Intelligence functionality


Power supply for small and large electric vehicles




The history of batteries begins with heavy, inefficient batteries that store insufficient energy, contrary to the high expectations of consumers. The energy storage solutions available on the market today are not only efficient, but also sufficiently diverse and functional.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of batteries and energy storage systems manufactured in Poland by Storage Partners Energy, which are applicable inside:





Storage Partners Energy batteries are dedicated to customers with diverse and frequently changing needs. We use only proven electronic energy flow management modules (BMS) from many well-known manufacturers aa well as Li-Ion and LiFePO4 cells with CE, UN certificates.




We cooperate with the recipients of our products in various fields, from the help in selecting the optimal power supply method, to the integration of the finished battery with the customer's device. Thus, we enable our business partners to implement new, proprietary solutions.



If you have any further questions in the field of commercial cooperation or want to get further information about the products we offer, please feel free to contact us!