AdBlue Blending Machines to produce AdBlue & fertilizers from UREA


ProLineTM Inline Blending Systems are designed and produced by Storage Partners. We offer 3 different capacities of Blending Lines to produce AdBlue/DEF/ARLA32 up to 50%. 4.000, 9.000 and 18.000 liters AdBlue can be produced per hour.

The concept of ProLineTM Inline Blending is the latest and most advanced “Plug & Play” technology to produce highest quality of AdBlue.
Key Features of ProLineTM:

a. Automatic inline mixing process allows to produce AdBlue/DEF/ALRA32 and reach requirements of ISO 22241 standard. 

b. ProLineTM allows to produce Automotive Urea Solution with concentration up to 50 %.

c. To reach high temperature of demineralized water ProLine contains a heat plate exchanger in order to reach required temperature for inline blending (at least 35°C). The user needs to supply hot water or steam to the heat plate exchanger to make it function.

d. Urea debagging unit – Hopper with capacity of 2, 4 or 7m3 contains minimum loading sensors and alarm. Hopper has built in top grid which serves as sieve with mesh size 10x10mm. Urea crusher (lump breaker) might be integrated in the hopper.

e. A screw conveyor is fully integrated in the functionality of ProLine.

f. Double Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System (DRO WTS) – depends on the size of the machine, can produce 1, 2 or 5 m3/h of demineralized water.

g. DRO WTS is easy to operate 24/7 – no supervision required. The DRO WTS meets ISO 22241 standard water requirements.

h. Siemens PLC allows to supervise and administrate on the distance the production of AdBlue and functionality of the Machine.

i. Total ProLine System fits in only one 40FT sea container (without AdBlue and water storage tanks).

j. ProLine meets EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements with CE Declaration of Conformity.


Please contact us for more details as each construction of a blending line depends on the need of the Customer.