Smart BMS Li-Ion Batteries


Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Batteries - Lithium-ion cells are the best best offer for supplying energy to vehicles / equipment with medium and refill supplements. The batteries can be used in means of transport such as electric bicycles, scooters and scooters. Storage Partners has solutions also aimed at industrial applications and energy storage - for transporting connected to photovoltaic panels, or as an additional power supply during an event or additional power supply on boats and ships. What distinguishes the product is the fact that the design solutions are in Poland, with the latest software. The battery pack deals which it awards are based on the modern and innovative Wire Bonding technology. Our team of engineers proposes optimal solutions that meet the most restrictive requirements.


Smart BMS system - system for managing integrated batteries. What distinguishes Smart BMS from Storage Partners is that it is based on a Texas Instruments system. It is a very intelligent and innovative system - designed and manufactured from scratch in Poland. The continuous development and conditions of Smart BMS guarantee the certainty and safety of work in difficult conditions, conditions such as the operating temperature sensor systems used, individual requirements, and the application is distinguished from the application by the multitude of meeting possibilities in cooperation with various communication protocols, the possibility of expansion, a package of BMS systems, which many BMS systems lack. Intuitive solutions for easy integration with any battery module, both stationary and auxiliary in individual aid measures.