EPower - Energy Storage Systems


The EPower hybrid power supply system is more than just a declaration of energy independence and security dedicated to individual customers or companies, it is a response to the current market expectations.





CATL LFP Battery - Best in the World

ALL-IN-ONE design

Inverter adjustable power in each phase

IP65 protection

Up to 40kWh energy storage

Up to 40kWh energy storage

AC/DC protection devices

Quick installation in 1h

Remotely controlled



The EPower is the storage of energy from a solar system. The basic functions of the warehouse include automatic control of the energy source used to power the devices in the home or office. EPower can operate in both OnGrid and OffGrid mode. The main goal of solar energy storage is balancing the network in the daily cycle, using the stored energy at night and storing energy when it is overproduced during the day.












What does "Hybrid Power supply System" mean, and how can I use it in my home?

The power system, operating in the hybrid mode, independently manages the source of energy from which devices connected to the electric network are powered. EPower decides whether the energy will be obtained directly from solar panels, an energy storage or the electricity grid. And sometimes even from several sources at the same time, if needed. Hybrid also means off-grid operation, i.e., completely independent of the electricity grid. All without your participation.


Is the installation of an inverter with power modules time-consuming and complicated?

If in a room with the access to electricity connection you have some free space, the installation of the power modules with the inverter will take no more than 15 minutes. Secondly, the EPower should be connected to the existing AC and DC installations, which should take no more than 3 to 4 hours for a licensed electrician.


I am planning to invest in a PV installation, can I use the € Power energy system for this?

The system we offer can be used both in existing installations as well as in those that are just being designed. The advantage of the second solution is the matching of the power of the solar installation to the power of the EPower inverter and the compact size of the installation itself.


I prefer not to sell electricity, or I have a small overproduction, is this a solution for me?

EPower is directed especially to the customers who are interested in an installation with a one-way meter – the surplus energy goes to the energy storage, from where it can be taken at any time. The optimal size of the energy storage can range from 10kWh to 20kWh, which depends on the power of the installed solar panels.


What capacity of the energy storage will be sufficient for me?

The capacity of the energy storage depends on the power of the installed solar panels and the planned energy consumption outside the hours during which electricity is produced in the PV installation. For most home users, a capacity of 10kWh will be sufficient, but companies with devices that require constant power supply may need more capacity.



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