EMobile Solar Generator


Each of our EMobile Solar Generators are designed to operate in the most demanding environments. 


Powered by Storage Partners, our hybrid power systems generate grid-like power where electricity is unavailable or as a replacement for temporary or unreliable power. Their key features include roof solar panels, a battery bank to store energy, an integrated diesel generator and an inverter to act as an interface between different inputs. This ensures quiet, immediate and stable power with the capability to run uninterrupted 24/7 without continuously running a diesel generator.


The EMobile Solar Generator combines two sources of energy to generate electricity through a battery-charged system and is usually integrated with a diesel generator. The generator will use renewable solar energy to charge the battery and serve as the main power source. When the battery levels begin to run low, the diesel generator will step in immediately to generate electricity.



Dedicated application for remote operation & touch control panel.

Trailer-based solution offers ease of on-site logistics, removing the requirement for lifting equipment.

Prevents pollution of the landscape with a unique design.

Hybrid generators result in less fuel consumption, saving substantially on fuel costs.

Build battery system of hybrid generators ensures a constant flow of electricity compared to stand-alone diesel generators. 







By minimizing the run time of the diesel generator, users save on fuel consumption and servicing costs while lowering emission output.

Without the need for continual operation from diesel generators, the battery-charged system will act as the main source of reliable, highly efficient power.



Why Choose Our Generator?

At a time when environmental saving is becoming increasingly important, it is unthinkable to still use polluting, conventional generators. The Emobile solar generator therefore offers a hybrid solution in which fuel and solar power come together to reduce CO2 emissions.

Our hybrid generator is a true energy saver with a CO2 reduction of more than 90%! This due to the significantly lower fuel consumption, thus not only the environment, but also your wallet has saved.


How EMobile Solar Generator Works

Run via a battery-charged system, hybrid generators use renewable sources of energy to generate power, using any excess energy to charge the batteries. This allows for a seamless current of energy for a range of applications.

When battery charge levels are low, the diesel generator provides immediate backup power until battery levels are charged up again. This also means the frequency of charging may lessen if there is more exposure to renewable sources. In doing so, there is less demand for the diesel generator as the battery becomes the primary source of power. Depending on the size of the application, this could equate to reducing carbon emissions by several tonnes throughout an ongoing, long-term project.


Is A EMobile Solar Generator Right For You?

Hybrid generators offer an innovative solution to many challenges faced by businesses, especially within the construction and mining industries.

A hybrid generator is a great choice for companies who are:


* Looking to reduce their overall carbon footprint
* Need a 24/7 power source
* Looking to lower overall fuel consumption
* Require low noise disruption
* A continuous source of power
* Looking to improve site safety
* Suitable for projects that have fluctuating power requirements



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